Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Happy Holidays!!

So, it's probably time for an update.  The Studio building grew another storey to make more room for demo copies of my increasing furniture range.  That sort of thing always puts me in a creative mood, so I made a bunch of new stuff, which I am passing onto you as gifts of one sort or another.

First up, the in-world store gifts.  These are for everyone, no group, no mailing list, just go to any of my in-world locations and click the beige gift box with the big red bow on it.  The location list up there on the right gives you a clickable SLURL:

Next up the special, exclusive gift for Mailing List Subscribers ONLY.  The only way to get your hands on these is to visit an in-world location and join the Mailing List.  Of course, if you're already on the Mailing List, you already have your copy in your inventory :)

I think that's all for now.  Thanks so much for your continued support, it really means the world to me.

Bright Blessings

Eve :)

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Special Offer!!!

Hurry Hurry Hurry!  I just set out a special vendor in my Studio Location (click the link just up there to the right) with a limited number of copies of the new Minim Furniture Set for the low price of L$25.  Why would I do such a thing? Well, because at the stroke of midnight tonight the THIRD Femdom Hunt starts, and I am so happy to be taking part that I had to do something special.

Buy from the box with the red sign above it to get the Minim Set for only L$25

So, to recap, you can get one of these for L$25 (usual price L$100) if you're quick:

You can also get one of these for absolutely nothing at all if you take part in the Femdom Hunt 3:

If you stop by in the European early evening, you might well meet the delightful Liz, my first member of staff... she can answer questions for you, show you items in-world and is generally wonderfully helpful.  And yes, she knows exactly where the hunt object is *winks*.  I hope to be around myself too, so please drop in and chat sometime.

Good luck hunting!!

Bright Blessings

Eve :)

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Ready to Relax?

Hello everyone!

I know I am... I've been a little busy in the workshop of late, and I have two new releases for you - the Circe Chaise which co-ordinates with the previously released Circe Chair, but takes animation to squirmishly new levels; and the Minim Set of minimalist seating.  Please do have a little look, and if you'd like to try them out, head over to my Studio location to see exactly what they do... link just up there on the right.  You can buy them in-world or on marketplace:

Look out very soon for news about my special surprise for you all, which will launch on the day that the third Femdom Hunt launches... SO exciting, and yes, I am taking part as a designer again.  Ooh, I got to be moderately famous again recently, when Deirdre and Lelo were kind enough to review the Circe Chair on their fabulous blog. I think that's all the news for you, talk to you again soon!

For now though, I hope all your lives are treating you very well indeed

Bright Blessings

Eve :)

Monday, 6 August 2012

Are you Sitting Comfortably?

No? Then perhaps I can interest you in my latest product... a comfy armchair for the discerning domme and her sub.  Head on down to the Studio Location (*points up to the right* - clickable SLURL just there) if you'd like to see everything that it can do.

In brief, you can choose from five colourways for the main body, and four for the cushion, mix and match until you're happy.  The texture change will only work for the owner, so no more pesky fiddles from mischevious types, or awkward squeaks from guests. In addition the chair itself is modifiable, so if you are the brave sort, you can further customise by applying tints or perhaps adding a cushion - just be sure that if you do want to experiment, please take a copy first, just in case of disaster.

There are 9 solo animations for Miss to stretch out and get truly comfortable, 6 paired animations for Miss and her Sub to express their relationship and 7 paired animations for those snugglesome moments. At only 3 prims, this will fit just about anywhere. I do hope you like it.  It is of course available in the usual places, at my Studio Location, at the Shambles Location, at the Nova Shopping Plaza, and on MarketPlace.

In other news, the Studio just got a little bit livelier... Disco and Ebony moved in to keep Felitia and Shade company.  They are both very friendly and happy to be petted (just right-click and sit), and often talk to visitors. Felitia mostly lectures on Quantum Physics, and Shade mostly soaks up the sun.

Anyway, enough chattering from me for now... I do hope your lives are treating you very well.

Bright Blessings

Eve :)





The Fun Begins

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

How to Win Friends on HUNTS

HUNTS are a fun way to experience a sort of guided tour of Second Life, and find cool new places to visit, great new stores to spend your lindens in and pick up some awesomely great FREE stuff... right? RIGHT?  Well, sure, so long as everyone plays ball and doesn't do things that IRRITATE everyone.

Let's deal with the hunters first, shall we?  I'm a fan of brevity, and believe in understanding implications, so I'm gonna go with a list approach.  This is MY list, these are MY opinions, and please remember, they are ONLY opinions.  That said, I think they might be opinions that a few folks share :


1. Whine about the quality of a prize or gift.

Seriously, you have no idea how much that PISSES CREATORS OFF!! Less than one percent of the creators in SL make anything like a liveable income from making stuff.  They make stuff for hunts because they love to create, because they would like people to see what they make, and they would like people to maybe buy some of it.  Even the simplest of teeshirts has cost the creator AT LEAST 10L$ to make, in texture uploads alone.  If we assume an ability to work at lightning speed and a willingness to work for minimum wage, the time spent in making the teeshirt is worth about £4... or $6... or about 900L$... yes, that's right, I said NINE HUNDRED LINDENS.  What gives anyone the right to whine about the quality of a gift they got FREE that has cost the creator a minimum of 910 Lindens?  And that's a simple teeshirt, remember... multiply up exponentially if we're talking about a complex outfit, a piece of jewellery... and again if we're adding in script of any kind or animations, like toys or furniture for example.

So, if a gift is not to your taste, quietly delete it and move on... do NOT whine like an ungrateful spoiled child, because that is exactly what you will sound like.

2. Whine about not being able to find a gift.

This one is very simple... it's a HUNT... not a hold out your hands and automatically get the gift.  Play the damn game a little, all right? READ the clue, work it out, LOOK around the store or sim.  Take your time... a leisurely stroll takes less time than a whine to a hunt group and a moan when you get embroiled in an argument in the group.

3. Fill up group chat with a blow by blow account of every gift you have found.

Seriously... NOBODY cares.  People look at groups to find out news about the hunt... which vendors have dropped out, which clues or locations have changed, to ask for additional clues for the trickier gifts, how many days they still have to hunt.  They generally do not give a rat's arse whether you found the yellow polka dot vase and butterfly hat that you hate and are only going to delete anyway.

4. Tell people exactly where the gift is.

Yes, you're very very clever for having found it, and feel free to give CLUES about where it is, but saying "it's underneath the golden throne behind the front left leg" completely kills the fun and the thrill of finding it for anyone else.

5. Cheat.

Yes, there are ways to make hunting easier, certain tools available in the viewer software... BUT... the more people who use those tools, the more creators get frustrated and take revenge by creating decoys, renaming bits of their store, etc.  It's a GAME, it's a HUNT... play along... cheating is like looking up the answers on a crossword puzzle book, or always employing "godmode" on a PC game... sort of pointless. If you don't like the damn game as it is.... don't play it.


1. Use the group to notify folks if you find a broken gift.

Most hunts have active groups with active moderators who are watching for exactly that news, and will get on the case quickly to get the issue resolved.  You can help them by being brief and precise about the location's number and name, and exactly what the problem is.

2. Use the group to ask for additional clues if you are REALLY stuck and have genuinely looked all over.

Chances are if you found it challenging so will other people.  Be smart about asking for help... saying "um, I need help" doesn't tell anyone what your problem is, get straight to the point... "is there an additional clue for location #1, Z&A Productions please?" is clear, short and allows folks to help you out.  You did notice the "please" in that sentence, right? Of course you did :)

3. Help other hunters who are looking for help.

Remember your first hunt, when you were clueless? Well, it might be their first hunt too.

4. Look around the locations thoroughly.

Very often the stores have group gifts, MM boards, Lucky Chairs, or just a freebies section.  You're there anyway, why not take advantage?  You might find something unbearably cool that you simply have to have. Don't rush through and miss out.

All right then... sitting there, nodding like a crazy thing and feeling smug now?  Then you are either perfect, or a creator.  Don't get comfy, it's your turn.  If we want the hunters to behave nicely, then WE have to play ball too:


1. Just throw out your oldest creation in a new colour as your gift.

If you do that, you are only shooting yourself in the foot.  Hunters very often use the gifts they get as indicators of your skill and creativity, so putting out the oldest (therefore, most likely... worst) example of your work is frankly a bit stupid.  Being blunt, it makes you look lazy, mean spirited and cynical... are you sure you want potential customers to see you that way?

2. Hide the gift TOO well.

As a rule of thumb, expect hunters to spend less than ten minutes looking for your gift.  If they haven't found it by then, resentment starts to build and your "approval rating" plummets.  Trust me, frustrated hunters do NOT buy your products... what they often do, however, is whine at great length about your store and how difficult it was to find the gift.

3. Get too cryptic or culturally obscure with your clues.

Get too weird, or too obscure with your clues and people will just be confused.  Confused people get frustrated, and frustrated hunters do NOT.... exactly :)  If you're a brit and use a very clever quote from The IT Crowd or Little Britain as your clue... MOST hunters will not get it, they're not brits.  Just saying :)

4. Whine about how lazy and ungrateful hunters are in the hunt chat group.

Yes, you're quite right, some of them are, and always will be.  But, saying that publicly, you run the risk of offending someone who is not lazy, nor ungrateful but just new to hunting and needing help.  That person might have lots of friends... and can directly affect your "approval rating" in the wider audience.  Are you really doing SO well with sales that you can afford to alienate and insult potential new customers? Thought not :)


1. Hide your gift near to things you want people to SEE.

Do you want more members in your group, or your mailing list? Hide the gift there then.  You want more people to see your latest product? Guess what - that's a great place to hide the gift.  Maybe you want folks to find and use the Freebie section or the MM board or the Lucky Chair?  You've got the point now, right?

2. Consider making your gift an exclusive, special edition of your latest product, or, even better - something built specifically and exclusively for the hunt.

What would you rather hear? "WOW! Did you see the prize at location #45? It's awesome, and the only way to get it is in the hunt"... or "Geez, did you see #45's prize?  Just a crappy green teeshirt with their logo on it".  I know which one will boost my "approval rating" more.

3. Consider putting out a few impulse buys near the information or landing point, beside the hint giver.

People will hesitate to spend serious money while hunting... but, put something cute and fun and irresistible right beside the hint giver or the prize itself for a low price and people may well snap it up.  I have lost count of how many cool things I have picked up because I thought "oh that's cute, and only 25L$".  Think about it, increased traffic... lots of 25L$ adds up quickly.  And people leaving your place with a bargain are happy and more likely to come back.

4. Follow the hunt guidelines.

Sounds obvious, right?  Most of the whines and moans in groups about finding gifts are related to creators not following the hunt guidelines:  not putting out the footpath where needed, not providing a clue at all, renaming the hunt object, hiding the gift TOO well, too many decoys, etc. For example, if it's a big hunt, I keep track of my progress by looking at the folder names.  If someone renames the object so it lands outside the list, or randomly decides to give me an object, not a folder, it messes me around and makes me growl... do you want to do that to people who might spend actual money in your store?

Okay, rant over... basically it boils down to this... THINK about implications, be NICE and if you don't like the implications or can't be nice... don't bloody play; take your drama some place else, because those of us who enjoy hunts cannot be arsed with it.

Hope your lives are treating you well

Bright Blessings

Eve :)

Monday, 2 July 2012

NEW Gifts and Lucky Board Prizes


It must be summer, I have heaps more energy in summer.  So I used some of that energy to make NEW gifts for everyone.  There are new gifts in the Lucky Boards, and new gifts in the Mailing List Subscriber AND new gifts in the stores around the grid... don't miss out please!

First up, the Lucky Board Prizes: a fun Bubbles outfit (male and female versions included) and a Hot Choc Giver.  In the stores and in the Mailing List Thingy, the Ladies get a full set of the latest Jewellery release in an exclusive colourway, and the guys get a nifty titfer and buttonhole.  What to do is visit the store for the gift box, and click on the Mailing List Subscriber for the other gifts.  In-world locations just up to the right there :)

I hope all your lives are treating you very well, and hope to see you in store soon.

Bright Blessings

Eve :)

Thursday, 28 June 2012


I like the Labradorite...

Summertime, and the living is easy... or something! I've been a little busy of late, building, hunting (look out for a forthcoming rant on THAT subject), refurbishing my in-world stores. I may need a vacation soon.

Anyway, the good news is I have a new product out. A full set this time, jewellery and accessories, nicely casual and perfect for any of your summertime looks. Called Flora, no prizes for guessing why at all, it comes in 6 different colourways, each one set in silver, and against either white or black leather. I'm happy with it, and can't decide which is my favourite at all, which is a good sign, right?

... and the Amethyst

You can have one of six gemstones, as usual, chosen because they look pretty and have nice symbolism:

Amethyst - Spiritual Peace & Calm -  http://gemstone-dictionary.com/amethyst.php 
Fire Opal - Luck & Faithfulness - http://gemstone-dictionary.com/opal.php
Garnet - Commitment & Affection - http://gemstone-dictionary.com/garnet-gemstones.php
Labradorite - Wisdom & Destiny - http://gemstone-dictionary.com/labradorite.php
Moonstone - Balance & Reflection - http://gemstone-dictionary.com/moonstone.php
Obsidian - Purity & Balance - http://www.healingcrystals.com/Obsidian__Snowflake_Articles_50.html

Anyway, available in the usual places... in-world location links just up on the right there, or on Marketplace right here. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did making it. Look out for new store gifts very soon, and updates to the lucky boards too.

I hope all your lives are treating you very well

Bright Blessings

Eve :)

Friday, 22 June 2012

Eden Calling!

So, a while back I made some natural seating for the new build at Velvet Thorn, and since then more and more people have told me I should be selling them because they want them for themselves. So, after much consideration...

... I am delighted to announce a whole new string to Evelock's bow - Home and Garden Items.  First up, the aforementioned natural seating.  If you'd like to try them out, please head over to my Studio location in-world - they are rezzed for you to have a play around with, so you can see clearly what you're getting.

I arranged the animations to suit an average height female, with an average height male sub on the Couple Lily - but they are simple enough to adjust if you need to do that. The Couples Lily has 15 snuggles, each single Lily has 8 animations for one avatar.  Each item is Mod and Copy, so you can gently play with the colours and sizes to suit your own place.

As ever, I hope I have achieved a decent quality for a fair price.  Two different single lilies, a couples lily and a full set (with a couple of bonus items) are available for sale now, at the Studio location, and on marketplace. I hope all your lives are treating you well and keeping you happy

Bright Blessings

Eve :)

Friday, 15 June 2012

I'm BACK!!!

Sometimes life throws a little shitstorm at you and keeps you from doing what you want to do... in my case, designing new STUFF for Evelock.  Anyway, all is calming again and I'm BACK! With a new release. Those of you who play along will know by now that I like subtlety, and I know that many subs feel the same way.  It's not that they are ashamed of wearing a collar, far from it, they just prefer to wander the grid into non-BDSM places without people pointing and laughing or berating them.

My pup relaxing by a campfire, wearing the Labradorite Unity Collar

So, sometimes subtle is good.  To that end I created the Unity Collar.  Looks to the untrained eye like a stylish leather corded necklace anyone might wear, but has all the features we have come to expect from an SL Collar.  Again, using semi-precious stones chosen for their healing properties, and adding in a Rune (Man) which symbolises Union.  I do hope you enjoy it as much as I did making it.  Available in the usual places, in-world (look, up there on the right - in-world location links)... or marketplace.

Each crystal chosen has a specific meaning, I hope you can find one that suits you:

Fire Opal - Luck and Faithfulness - http://gemstone-dictionary.com/opal.php
Garnet - Commitment and Affection - http://gemstone-dictionary.com/garnet-gemstones.php
Jasper - Grounding and Protection - http://www.gemstonegifts.com/stones/jasper.htm
Labradorite - Wisdom and Destiny - http://gemstone-dictionary.com/labradorite.php
Lapis Lazuli - Communication and Unity - http://gemstone-dictionary.com/lapis-lazuli.php
Obsidian - Purity and Balance - http://www.healingcrystals.com/Obsidian__Snowflake_Articles_50.html
I have been asked on occasion about modifications to my normal pieces... I am very happy to make you a unique version of any of the pieces I normally sell. The Unity Collar has already been customised a few times, with the customers choosing different crystals and different runes to suit their own subs.  There is nothing stopping you from doing the same if you would like to. Just drop me an IM in-world and we'll talk it over.

Hope your lives are all treating you very well indeed

Bright Blessings

Eve :)

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

And now it's SERIOUS

Okay, so I said I was having a purge... and I did.
I said I was going to reduce some prices... and I did.
I said I would remove some items from sale... and I did.

I said to look out for big changes in the Lucky Boards... that one is still in progress.


I also said (mostly to the few souls whose rotten luck it is to listen to me rambling) that one day I would have a mainstore location...

... and today, I did. It's right here.

Not the biggest store in SL, but I love it, and I think it's comfortable. Stop by and have a nosey, and help yourself to a cup of hot chocolate while you wait for the Lucky Board to remember your name.  The store is situated in Twilight, a lovely little sim that features Commercial, Residential AND Social stuff - have a wander, and check out the Park, the Art Gallery, the Blues Bar... even the En Garde!

I plan to spend at least a couple of hours there each day, and the first TEN people to catch up with me in-store get to choose any single product from my range entirely free of charge.  To be clear, I mean a physical, two avatars in the same space meeting - with me, in my brand new mainstore :)

I do hope your lives are treating you very well, and I hope to see you soon.

Bright Blessings

Eve :)

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Reviewing the Situation :)

Sometimes there are just too many blasted ideas in various half-baked states to deal with, so I'm having a purge.  Over the next little while, I will be going through all my Evelock everythings and clearing out the prototypes, the maybes, the also rans.  I will be removing some items from sale, and reducing others in price, so keep an eye out, both in-world and on marketplace.

In happy, happy news I am once again delighted to have been featured in the SL Fetish Fashion Blog. Deirdre and Lelo were kind enough to say some very nice things about the newest collars.

Look out soon for matching Leash Holders for the Pride Collars, and fairly big changes in the Lucky Boards.

While I'm here, please indulge me for a moment or two while I have the tiniest rant.  I am *seriously* sick to the back teeth with lazy, profiteering merchants who not only fail to support their products, but even lack the basic courtesy to respond to messages.  I do not mean one lonely IM which might be eaten by SL... I mean a whole stream of IMs and notecards in two languages over two months, regarding approximately 5000L$ of product that is, frankly, BROKEN.  This is in no way, in no life and at no time acceptable.

PLEASE, if any of you ever has a problem with any of my products, IM me, notecard me - if you don't get an answer within a couple of days, it means SL has messed up, NOT that I am ignoring you, so please try again.  I never, ever want any of you to feel as angry as I do with the unnamed merchant I just ranted about.

Rant over, I hope all your lives are treating you well.

Bright Blessings

Eve :)

Tuesday, 28 February 2012


Right now, I am very proud... I just completed an epic battle with marketplace and WON!  Twelve new Evelock Collars are now available for your delectation.  Is it coincidence that they all bear the name Pride? I'll let you decide :)

Here's my gorgeous wench modelling the Lapis Lazuli colourway while we relax in the beautiful South Lawn at the Rose Theatre.

And here is the Labradorite colourway Product shot - I just love how that stone looks:

Evelock Pride Collar:

Your sub is really special and deserves something elegant that they can wear with Pride. The Pride collar features semi-precious crystals, carefully chosen for their healing properties, set in an intricate arrangement of celtic hearts.

Pre-loaded with Dari's Scripts, but modifiable so that you can delete them... either to wear the collar as a simple piece of jewellery or replace them with scripts that you prefer.

Each crystal chosen has a specific meaning, I hope you can find one that suits you:

Amber - Positivity and Luck - http://gemstone-dictionary.com/amber.php
Amethyst - Spiritual Peace and Calm - http://gemstone-dictionary.com/amethyst.php
Citrine - Discipline and Clarity - http://www.gemstonegifts.com/stones/citrine.htm
Fire Opal - Luck and Faithfulness - http://gemstone-dictionary.com/opal.php
Garnet - Commitment and Affection - http://gemstone-dictionary.com/garnet-gemstones.php
Jade - Luck and Harmony - http://www.gemstonegifts.com/stones/jade.htm
Jasper - Grounding and Protection - http://www.gemstonegifts.com/stones/jasper.htm
Labradorite - Wisdom and Destiny - http://gemstone-dictionary.com/labradorite.php
Lapis Lazuli - Communication and Unity - http://gemstone-dictionary.com/lapis-lazuli.php
Moonstone - Balance and Reflection - http://gemstone-dictionary.com/moonstone.php
Peridot - Purity and Protection - http://www.shopgemstones.com/peridot-meaning-and-symbology.html
Rose Quartz - Love and Compassion - http://gemstone-dictionary.com/rose-quartz.php

So, choose the one that suits you best, and enjoy the protection of one of nature's wonders

As usual, you can grab one of these collars in-world... 

Evelock at Velvet Thorn, Adult location, click LM twice
Evelock at Strict Venus, Adult location, click LM twice
Evelock at Nova Isle, Moderate location
Evelock at Rhedd Night Designs, Moderate location
Evelock at Shambles, Adult location
Evelock at Lesbian Lovers, Adult location, click LM twice

or on Marketplace.

I do hope your lives are treating you well

Bright Blessings

Eve :)

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Tangled Times

Isn't it wonderful when our hearts get all tangled up?  That giddy sensation of excitement and wonder... hardly surprising that affairs of the heart are so important to us.  This new jewellery set is inspired in part by the song Tangled by Staind, in part by my love for crystals and in part by my wonderful wench.

The shape started simply enough... a heart, but then it wanted to grow and wander, and who am I to argue when a design is birthing itself?  I chose the crystals carefully for this set - each one is there for a specific reason, and I hope you will find the right one for your current love situation:

Amethyst for spiritual peace and calm.

Garnet for commitment and affection.

Moonstone for balance and reflection.

Lapis Lazuli for inspiration and confidence.

Rose Quartz for love and compassion.

You can get your hands on it in the usual places... marketplace or in-world:

At Velvet Thorn - adult location, double click the LM
At Lesbian Lovers - adult location, double-click the LM
At Shambles - adult location
At Rhedd Night Designs
At Nova Isle

In other news, I am delighted to be a guest creator at Z&A Productions for the next two weeks, be sure to toddle on over to their mainstore and have a nosey at their cheerfully twisted creations.

That's about all for now, hope your lives are treating you well,

Bright Blessings

Eve :)

Monday, 6 February 2012

Shhhhh! I have a secret :)

So, sometimes creators get talking, and you just know that when Evelock and Z&A Productions get yakking, it's not long before something twisted happens.  There was one such conversation recently, and the idea that cropped up was so tantalising it just HAD to be done.

The thing is, though... it's a secret.  If I show you a picture it sort of ruins the surprise, and if I say too much about it, that will also kill any novelty.  So, why am I flapping my gums?  Well, for one thing, we want to share this thing with you, but ladies, we HAVE to keep it a secret from the subs okay?  The picture above is the sort of mood that might prompt you to use it... first and final hint :)

Now, how do you get your hands on one? Simple... find either Antony Fairport or Eve Terr anywhere in-world and IM them the password, which is "thirteen".  You will then receive a folder containing a notecard explaining everything and the item itself.  It's transferable so you can give it to a deserving soul :)

That's all for now, hope your lives are treating you well,

Bright Blessings

Eve :)

Sunday, 29 January 2012

A New Way to Leash ^^

Hello again... I had a chat with a customer the other day, and she told me about something her sub had expressed a wish for.  Well, some wishes just NEED to be granted, so I am delighted to present the Plug Collar.

As with all of my collars, this is loaded with Dari's Scripts.  Now, actually locking a plug in place requires a lot of strapping, which is frankly inelegant and seriously limits one's outfit choices.  That is why I opted for extendible studs as the locking mechanism.  While studs will not *prevent* removal, they will I believe dissaude.  Ladies, you can also activate the Bell option should you require to hear a merry jingle as your plugged sub wanders.

So, there you have it... proof positive that talking is GOOD.  You can get yourself a Plug Collar in any of the usual in-world locations or on marketplace (it is an adult rated item, so you will need to be logged in and age-verified for the link to work).

Evelock at Nova Isle 
Evelock at Rhedd Night Designs
Evelock at Velvet Thorn (Adult rated location, click LM twice)
Evelock at Lesbian Lovers (Adult rated location, click LM twice)
Evelock at Shambles Market (Adult rated location)

Hope your lives are treating you well,

Bright Blessings

Eve :)

Friday, 27 January 2012

New House!

So I've been a bit pre-occupied and on a bit of a building spree.  So proud and happy to have been part of the Velvet Thorn 4th Anniversary rebuild, and some of the creative energy left over went into changing my house.  I'm really quite happy with it, so I thought I'd let you have a look at some pics of it.  Fear not, I will be back at the workbench soon, finalising the Tangled Set which you can get a preview sample of in the gift-boxes I have put out in-world in the usual places.  For now though, this is my new house - based loosely on a shell and riffing on inspiration from Gaudi, Arabia, Art Nouveau and probably other stuff I'm unaware of too.  In fact, a friend commented it looks like a modern hobbit home... I guess I can see that :)

I hope your lives are treating you well, talk to you soon!

Bright Blessings

Eve :)

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Happy New Year!

Hello, I hope the festivities were kind to you and your liver, and the New Year finds you raring to go.  I've been on a fairly major building binge at one of my very favourite sims, but I did find time to play with some prims too, and thought you might like a sneak preview of the next set going on sale very soon.

Currently in what I guess movie types would call post production - photos and packaging will be finished soon, and then the set will be available for sale.

It's called Tangled, and I decided that I would pre-release one colour in a gold colourway as my Valentine Gift to you all. Ladies receive a necklace and earrings set featuring beautiful Moonstone crystals set in the softest of golds. I haven't forgotten the guys, and they get a leather neck cord with the powerful combination of Lapis Lazuli beads and a Moonstone crystal.

Here's a couple of snaps to let you have a nosey, hope you like them:

Thanks to Squishy for standing still long enough for me to grab a snap of the guys's necklace :)

So, where can you get your hands on them? Simple, just head to any of these in-world locations and click on the heart-shaped box:

Evelock at Nova Isle
Evelock at Rhedd Night Designs
Evelock at Marvel Roleplay
Evelock at Velvet Thorn (Adult rated location, click LM twice)
Evelock at Lesbian Lovers (Adult rated location, click LM twice)
Evelock at Shambles Market (Adult rated location)

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