Sunday, 29 January 2012

A New Way to Leash ^^

Hello again... I had a chat with a customer the other day, and she told me about something her sub had expressed a wish for.  Well, some wishes just NEED to be granted, so I am delighted to present the Plug Collar.

As with all of my collars, this is loaded with Dari's Scripts.  Now, actually locking a plug in place requires a lot of strapping, which is frankly inelegant and seriously limits one's outfit choices.  That is why I opted for extendible studs as the locking mechanism.  While studs will not *prevent* removal, they will I believe dissaude.  Ladies, you can also activate the Bell option should you require to hear a merry jingle as your plugged sub wanders.

So, there you have it... proof positive that talking is GOOD.  You can get yourself a Plug Collar in any of the usual in-world locations or on marketplace (it is an adult rated item, so you will need to be logged in and age-verified for the link to work).

Evelock at Nova Isle 
Evelock at Rhedd Night Designs
Evelock at Velvet Thorn (Adult rated location, click LM twice)
Evelock at Lesbian Lovers (Adult rated location, click LM twice)
Evelock at Shambles Market (Adult rated location)

Hope your lives are treating you well,

Bright Blessings

Eve :)

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