Sunday, 16 July 2017

I See Pigs Flying!

No really, I do... but regular readers know that already, and are welcome to go to the Studio and pick up their very own flying pig any time!


What I really mean by that title is that there must be something very wrong with the world, I have another new release for you! Please don't get used to this frequency, I'm pretty sure it's not sustainable at all. Anyway, here I am relaxing on my latest release after a bout of frantic hard work:

It's the usual story of how my products come to be. I was messing around in my Princess' room trying to make it nicer for him and decided that the old armchair had to go. Then I thought a chaise would be nice so started pulling out every chaise I own, and of course none of them would do, so I made one! The result is the texture changing Tempo Chaise, available in standard and PG (no sex) versions. You can go nuts and buy the All Colours one, or choose your favourite from Checks, Daisies, Leaves, Pansies and Roses. It is for dommes and designed to co-ordinate with both the Book Nooks and the Tempo Armchairs and is in store and on the marketplace right now!

You can see the texture options and some of the animations from the marketing pics, but I thought I might show you some of the Squirms menu here, for a change, as those didn't make the cut into the adverts.

If that whet your appetite, please do head over to the newly rearranged (it was getting a bit crowded and needed a re-shuffle!) Studio to test it out for yourself and see what you think. While you're there, don't forget to pick up the Summer 2017 store gift, right beside the flying pig.

I think that's the lot for now. Until next time, I do hope all your lives are treating you well,

Bright Blessings

Eve :)

Monday, 10 July 2017

What a night!

Hello! Just a really quick post to say an enormous THANK YOU to everyone who came to help me celebrate 6 years of Evelock on Saturday night. I had a blast and I hope you all did too. The amazing Antony took some great photos of the event, and you can check out the whole album here.

New releases coming soon for those of you who worry about such things... a piece designed to co-ordinate with the Book Nooks and the Tempo Armchairs, watch this space!

In the meantime, I do hope that all your lives are treating you well,

Bright Blessings,

Eve :)

PS This is what two very happy and tired people look like after a great party!

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Happy Birthday to Evelock - Presents for Everyone!

Hello there!

On the third of July, 2011, I nervously opened my first "store" which was actually a panel in a friend's store, with a whole EIGHT products. I genuinely did not expect to still be here SIX YEARS later, with over a hundred and fifty products.

My eternal thanks are due to the wonderful Nova Lustre for encouraging me to get off my ass and start selling things, and for giving me the space to take those first tentative steps. It looked like this:

Six years on, it looks a bit more like this:

So, it's time for a PARTY! And a BIRTHDAY PRESENT! And a NEW RELEASE!

First things first... the Party: 

Date: Saturday 8th July 2017
Time: 3pm till 5pm SLT
Theme: Bitches and Sweethearts
DJ: Eve Terr

So the dress code is simple - dress like either a bitch or like a sweetheart. We can have fun guessing which is which! There will be a present for everyone who comes to the party. Not saying what it is, because that would ruin the surprise!

Next up, the NEW RELEASE:

It's summer, so I wanted to make something for outdoors that would brighten up a discerning domme's patio. And so the Birthday Lady's Chair and Sub Cushion Patio Set was born. Nice and simple, low land impact, and a range of comfy sits for a lady and her sub to arrange themselves nicely. Original prints on the cushions and clean contemporary lines should mean that it fits in just about anywhere. You can test them out in the Studio or if you feel impulsive, just go ahead and buy them either at the Studio, or on marketplace. Let's have a look!

And finally, the BIRTHDAY PRESENT:

In store right now, you can pick up an exclusive version of the Patio Set that will never be sold.

So that's the news. I do hope to see you on Saturday night for some fun chatter and dancing. In the meantime, I hope all your lives are treating you well,

Bright Blessings,

Eve :)