Thursday, 8 March 2012

Reviewing the Situation :)

Sometimes there are just too many blasted ideas in various half-baked states to deal with, so I'm having a purge.  Over the next little while, I will be going through all my Evelock everythings and clearing out the prototypes, the maybes, the also rans.  I will be removing some items from sale, and reducing others in price, so keep an eye out, both in-world and on marketplace.

In happy, happy news I am once again delighted to have been featured in the SL Fetish Fashion Blog. Deirdre and Lelo were kind enough to say some very nice things about the newest collars.

Look out soon for matching Leash Holders for the Pride Collars, and fairly big changes in the Lucky Boards.

While I'm here, please indulge me for a moment or two while I have the tiniest rant.  I am *seriously* sick to the back teeth with lazy, profiteering merchants who not only fail to support their products, but even lack the basic courtesy to respond to messages.  I do not mean one lonely IM which might be eaten by SL... I mean a whole stream of IMs and notecards in two languages over two months, regarding approximately 5000L$ of product that is, frankly, BROKEN.  This is in no way, in no life and at no time acceptable.

PLEASE, if any of you ever has a problem with any of my products, IM me, notecard me - if you don't get an answer within a couple of days, it means SL has messed up, NOT that I am ignoring you, so please try again.  I never, ever want any of you to feel as angry as I do with the unnamed merchant I just ranted about.

Rant over, I hope all your lives are treating you well.

Bright Blessings

Eve :)

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