Wednesday, 14 March 2012

And now it's SERIOUS

Okay, so I said I was having a purge... and I did.
I said I was going to reduce some prices... and I did.
I said I would remove some items from sale... and I did.

I said to look out for big changes in the Lucky Boards... that one is still in progress.


I also said (mostly to the few souls whose rotten luck it is to listen to me rambling) that one day I would have a mainstore location...

... and today, I did. It's right here.

Not the biggest store in SL, but I love it, and I think it's comfortable. Stop by and have a nosey, and help yourself to a cup of hot chocolate while you wait for the Lucky Board to remember your name.  The store is situated in Twilight, a lovely little sim that features Commercial, Residential AND Social stuff - have a wander, and check out the Park, the Art Gallery, the Blues Bar... even the En Garde!

I plan to spend at least a couple of hours there each day, and the first TEN people to catch up with me in-store get to choose any single product from my range entirely free of charge.  To be clear, I mean a physical, two avatars in the same space meeting - with me, in my brand new mainstore :)

I do hope your lives are treating you very well, and I hope to see you soon.

Bright Blessings

Eve :)

1 comment:

  1. The shop looks great. Congratulations. May you outgrow it quickly. ;-)