Monday, 6 August 2012

Are you Sitting Comfortably?

No? Then perhaps I can interest you in my latest product... a comfy armchair for the discerning domme and her sub.  Head on down to the Studio Location (*points up to the right* - clickable SLURL just there) if you'd like to see everything that it can do.

In brief, you can choose from five colourways for the main body, and four for the cushion, mix and match until you're happy.  The texture change will only work for the owner, so no more pesky fiddles from mischevious types, or awkward squeaks from guests. In addition the chair itself is modifiable, so if you are the brave sort, you can further customise by applying tints or perhaps adding a cushion - just be sure that if you do want to experiment, please take a copy first, just in case of disaster.

There are 9 solo animations for Miss to stretch out and get truly comfortable, 6 paired animations for Miss and her Sub to express their relationship and 7 paired animations for those snugglesome moments. At only 3 prims, this will fit just about anywhere. I do hope you like it.  It is of course available in the usual places, at my Studio Location, at the Shambles Location, at the Nova Shopping Plaza, and on MarketPlace.

In other news, the Studio just got a little bit livelier... Disco and Ebony moved in to keep Felitia and Shade company.  They are both very friendly and happy to be petted (just right-click and sit), and often talk to visitors. Felitia mostly lectures on Quantum Physics, and Shade mostly soaks up the sun.

Anyway, enough chattering from me for now... I do hope your lives are treating you very well.

Bright Blessings

Eve :)





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