Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Lucky, Lucky, Lucky Pumpkin!

Hello again... I was so excited at having made some BOOTS (still squealing about that one), that I made some more. But, these ones are specially for Halloween, and are FREE. A yummy darkly pumpkin coloured pair of latex platform kneeboots. All you have to do to get your hands on a pair is visit one of my 5 lucky boards spread around the grid, and obviously have your name's first letter match that of the board at the time.

I hate standing around for days on end, so I set all the boards to change letters every 5 minutes. Shouldn't take too long to get them, especially if you drag friends with you :)

You can find the boards here: ... At Velvet Thorn, upstairs on the left. ... At Rhedd Night Designs, upstairs. ... At Lesbian Lovers, click the tp again when you land to go directly there.

Good luck!!! I will be adding more prizes to the lucky boards as time and inspiration allow, so watch this space.

Bright Blessings

Eve :)

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