Saturday, 8 October 2011


Let's be honest... retail therapy is about as good as it gets... well of the printable stuff anyway. For me, the best retail therapy is when I get to splurge a little on fun stuff. So, I've been splurging... and now I simply can't concentrate. I got some wonderful sculpties, some great textures... I have photoshop and I am NOT afraid to use it.

Coming soon... some silliness to counteract a commonly occuring SL problem... *grins*... all will become clear, I promise.

Also on the bench right now... several pairs of boots in varying stages of built, and a new pattern for the existing collars and leash holders. So many pixels and so little time... puts a big GRIN on my face.

If you want to browse while you wait for the new stuffs, have a look here:

I did some normal retail therapy too... and have a message for the merchants out there who are hard of thinking. Seriously people, 61 damn prims for a SHOPPING BAG? Who do you know who has that many spare prims for unpacking... especially when it's of no blinking use after unpacking anyway? Come ON... yes, it's pretty, and you're very, very clever for making such a lovely thing, but LEAVE IT IN THE STORE... use your own prim budget (I need mine for toys) and just give me a nice simple box to unpack please. Oh, and another thing... unpacking a box, only to have to open another box... which then holds three more boxes needing unpacked? NOT acceptable. Rant over.

Bright Blessings

Eve :)


  1. That has to be a record, surely? I start to WTF a little after 5 prims or so, and I seriously started to wonder what the heck was going on when I once purchased something that came in around 25 prims of packaging.

    But 61? That has got to be a record.

  2. Yeah, and it wasn't wearable either, it HAD to be rezzed on the ground to be opened... SHEESH

  3. The Z&A main store, the building, is about 85 prims in total (could actually be less now, I imagine, given that we can size up to 64m). I think we should package all new builds inside a copy of the shop.

    Either that or keep prims low but package items inside a 64x64x64m crate with full bright and glow applied.

    That's spinning.

    With poofing particles.

    And a looping sound.

    That offers to animate all avatars in range.

    And that's just for starters.