Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Loving the smell of NEWNESS

Well, when I heard that Z&A Productions had gone on a bit of a release and building rampage, I felt like I should maybe shift ass a little and get on with something productive.  So... you know how guys always complain that there's not enough good stuff for them? Well, I happen to agree with them, at least where footwear is concerned.

As ever, I know there is really great footwear for guys out there, but I also know that not everyone has that much spare pocket money to splash around all the time.  So, as with the Wench Basic Boots, I set out to create Basic Boots for guys that are simple enough to go with most things, but not entirely boring - and reasonably priced.  The result is.... Stomp.  I hope you like them, I'm pretty happy with them.

You can get them in the usual ways, either on Marketplace or in-world, you know the score by now.  I hope your day is filled with joy and pleasure, talk to you soon.

Bright Blessings

Eve :)

PS: Look at the size of THAT! Sheesh, must be feeding him too much :)

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