Friday, 25 November 2011

Stand up STRAIGHT dammit!

We all know that good posture is important to avoid back problems in later years, and every little helps.  Actually, true though that might be, the fact is I just love the look of posture collars, so I made one.  Just in simple, classic black for now but if enough people want different colourways I will certainly look into that in future.  I decided to include the bell option on this design, mostly for fun, but also to torment the wench just a little... *chuckles*

We all know that boys are a bit rubbish at two things, and no I don't mean everything they say and everything they do.  I mean of course, having patience, and perhaps because of that, fitting prims accurately.  So, for those boys who are hopeless and/or lazy and/or impatient, I included a no-mod shape with the male collar.  Want to still look like yourself AND wear the collar? Learn to edit prims then!!

So, usual deal... want to get your hands on one of these for yourself? Take a short trip to Marketplace, or swing on by to any of these in-world locations:

Evelock at Velvet Thorn
Evelock at Nova Isle
Evelock at Lesbian Lovers
Evelock at Rhedd Night Designs
Evelock at Shambles

Hope you enjoy these as much as I did making them, and that life is treating you very well indeed.

Bright Blessings

Eve :)

(Latest Score: Advantage Evelock, Z&A Productions to serve)

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