Thursday, 10 October 2013

Well Then... Better Get something done, huh?

So, a while back it became horribly apparent that the Femdom Hunt IV (yes, FOUR) was imminent again, and that got me thinking. Mostly thinking it had been far too long since I released anything new. So I set about fixing that.  And while I was at it, I figured a hunt gift might be good, and perhaps a special offer.

Busy, busy, busy... BUT, the hunt gifts (yeah, more than one) and no fewer than 8 new products are now available, AND a special offer.  Where to start?

Collars.  Let's start with collars.  This new one is unashamedly inspired by the fabulous Celtic torcs of ancient times, which means I get to play with my favourite knotwork textures again. Called Strength, this is a uncompromising design, not for the faint-hearted. If you don't got attitude this will probably not work for you.  Here is a peek at the Weaver pattern (Tribal and Celtic Swan are also available):

Discerning dommes like to show who they're attached to, well, I do and I do consider myself to be discerning... comments on a postcard if you must!  So, of course, there has to be a matching Leash Holder for the new collar. Again, have a little peek at the Weaver design:

After all that work I needed to sit down, badly. So, I made an Ottoman and a matching Stool that would look right at home in any Gallery, so that is what I called them. Texture change with 6 options for cushions and base; low prim and contemporary styling should make these pieces fit just about any place you like:


And finally, the special offer. It's nearly Hallowe'en, so what makes more sense than a Sunlounger and Parasol to match? 25 of the Sol Set are available for a mere L$25, only at the main Studio location in-world. Once they're gone, they're gone:

So, that should be enough for now I reckon? I do hope you drop in sometime soon to have a  nosey and try out the furniture. Usual story, you can buy either in-world (points right to the locations links) or on marketplace (just hit "newest first" to see the new things). Hope all your lives are treating you very well,

Bright Blessings

Eve :)

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