Monday, 1 July 2013



It's been a while I know... I've been happily busy with heaps of things, and I hope you're all happy and busy too.  Two pieces of news for you, both kinda exciting!

First off, I changed my vendors over to the widely popular Caspervend system, and that means that I am now in a position to offer Giftcards.  So, if you fancy getting a little something for a friend or loved one but aren't sure exactly what, I now have the answer for you! Vendors will be hitting the in-world locations soon, but if you can't wait, either IM me or... read on.

Second, Evelock has been in-world for TWO YEARS! It's hard to be sure EXACTLY which day I first had an in-world store, but I do know that it was around 2 years ago, and one of the very first places I had a store was a tiny bit of wall at NOVA's Femdom Fashions, and THAT was set up on the 2nd of July 2011.  I did not think, two years later, I would be still be trading on the same sim, let alone having grown from this:

I think I had a whole 8 products to start with :)
To this, AND having a permanent in-world Mainstore:

Now I have something crazy like 84 products, not including the many custom and gift and hunt items I have created!

The current mainstore... although Studio sounds friendlier to me :)

So... to celebrate, I'm throwing a party on Tuesday the 2nd of July, at Nova Isle, and you are all invited.  Every person who comes to the party will get a L$200 Evelock Giftcard... to spend on whatever you would like from the store.  Just my way of saying THANK YOU to everyone who has supported me.

The Invitation, for YOU :)

I will be spinning tunes and smiling a lot while I dance, I do hope you can join me, please feel free to bring a friend.

TUESDAY, 2nd JULY 2013
1 till 3pm SLT

Bright Blessings

Eve :)

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