Monday, 1 August 2016

ConTEMPOrary Styling!

Hello again!

I know, I know, it's been less than 3 months, I must be ill. Actually I got inspired, and decided that it was time to revisit the whole idea of a Mistress chair, and the Book Nook was just crying out for a friend, so I made one. Available now either on marketplace, or in world. Of course, you are welcome to toddle along to the studio and try it out to see what you think. See after the pics for the full scoop on everything you need to know about Evelock's newest product:

The Evelock Tempo Armchair is an unashamed Mistress chair designed to fit easily into just about any space. Simple contemporary lines and just enough cushions for comfort combine with a low land impact to make your life easy. Made with use in public spaces in mind, this chair keeps it clean, with nothing beyond a nice cuddle or a gentle tease to see. Ideal for the social areas of a femdom sim where people want to express their relationships without upsetting anyone.

You can copy and modify the chair itself but the scripts and animations are copy only, so your chair will appear "no modify" in your inventory. 2LI at the provided size - resizing is possible but be aware that the Land Impact may well increase if you do, and the animations will need to be adjusted to fit the new size.

A completely plain colourway is included with all versions to allow you to add your own twist by tinting the various parts using the standard edit menu. Have fun, and if you mess up, either click the texture menu to reset, or rezz out a new one from your inventory. The patterned colourways provided are intended to co-ordinate with the Evelock Book Nooks. In the texture menu you will also find an "access" button, use this to control who gets to mess with your textures.

Purchasing a single colour scheme  (350L$ each) will give you 3 texture options:

Checks - All plain, Contrasted Plain and Checks.
Daisies - All plain, Contrasted Plain and Daisies.
Leaves - All plain, Contrasted Plain and Leaves.
Pansies - All plain, Contrasted Plain and Pansies.
Roses - All plain, Contrasted Plain and Roses.

The All Colours option (600L$) contains 7 texture options: All Plain, Contrasted Plain, Checks, Daisies, Leaves, Pansies and Roses.

Please check carefully you have chosen the option you want before purchasing :)

The chair contains 4 menus.

Just Anyone: 8 Solo animations that suit any avatar.
Just Miss: 8 Solo animations that will suit the discerning Mistress who cares about dignity.
Miss & Sub: 8 couple animations that let Miss remind her sub exactly who is in charge.
Snuggles: 8 couple animations along much more romantic lines, for those tender moments.

The solo menus contain a few animations that need props (for example a coffee mug or a book). These will be attached to your avatar (look out for the permissions request) and detached again when you change pose. It makes use of the AVSitter experience, which means that if it's activated on the land, and your avatar has provided permission to the AVSitter experience, all of the attachment stuff will just happen automatically - no muss, no fuss, just relax and enjoy.

Another fabulous feature of the AVSitter system is the ability to easily adjust poses for a perfect fit. When you're happy with the adjusted position, just hit save and the chair will remember your personal setting the next time you sit. Up to 40 avatars' settings can be stored in the chair.

I think that's all the important stuff about this chair, I do hope you enjoy using it as much as I enjoyed making it.

Bright Blessings

Eve :)

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