Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Happy Birthday to... oh! Evelock!

Hi there!

I frequently lose all track of time, as was evidenced by my not realising it was very nearly Evelock's 5th (FIFTH?!) birthday until my good friend Antony pointed it out. Birthdays mean celebration and joy, and a nagging feeling it was about time I released something new in time for the party.

Party? YES, party! On Saturday 9th July from 3 until 5pm SLT, we will be partying on Evelock's rooftop to celebrate being five whole years old, and you are invited to join us. Why should you care? Well, good question. There will be music and dancing, of course, and a very special offer for 2 hours ONLY on the new release. ONLY in-world, ONLY at the party, and ONLY for 2 hours. You're still wondering why you should care, right?

Okay, the new release is... *drumroll*... a Book Nook. I adore books, I love nothing better than curling up comfortably with a great book and losing a whole day. So it was inevitable that some day I would make something book related, and here it is!

In five colourways (gee, that number 5 keeps cropping up, huh?), it rezzes props for you, it lets you be comfy in 16 different solo ways, with other menus to let you chill with a friend, interact with your sub, snuggle with your sweetie or get steamy with a lover. Little lights built in that simply click on and off, no nasty poseballs, and if you allow the AVSitter experience on your land, you won't be bothered by pesky permission menus.

I think that's enough waffling, wanna see them? Here goes:

I had a whole ton of fun making these, and I hope you enjoy them too. If you'd like to try one out, head over to the main studio location (SLURL just up there on the right). You can obviously get them on marketplace too, BUT... if you can bear to wait until Saturday, you can get one in-world, at the party, HALF PRICE!  Along with the usual free gifts that you really should have collected by now :)

So, that's all for now, I do hope to see you on Saturday for the party... did I mention the party often enough yet? I hope all your lives are treating you well,

Bright Blessings

Eve :)

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