Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Putting on the GLITZ!

Hi there!

I mentioned a while back that I was working on a new release and it's finally finished! It took quite a while on account of hand setting over 200 gems takes time. I am very pleased with the result though, and I hope that you like it. This is my first all mesh jewellery set, but don't worry, it's unrigged so you can move it around as you like and it's still copy and mod so you can make it your own, just PLEASE take a copy first, it's darned fiddly!

Glitz was born as a result of a commissioned design for a good friend. As she said "everyone needs a bit of glitz", and she is so right. Contemporary design with classic lines, using traditional materials, I do hope this set can find a home in your wardrobe. I love how the gems glitter gently as the light hits each facet.

You can grab your copy on Marketplace, or in-world (check up on the right for the locations). Right, back to the workshop, it's about time I updated the Lucky Boards and gave you guys a new gift, right? In the meantime I hope all your lives are treating you well.

Bright Blessings, Eve :)

P.S. How about a picture or two?

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