Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Gosh, it's been a while, better have a new release then!

Hello! Isn't it mad how quickly time just up and disappears when you're not looking? No? Just me?

Okay then. Anyway, I live on the Raven Park sim, a glorious place, and we have a dance every couple of weeks. There is usually a theme that requires costuming of one sort or another, and on occasion, I just FAIL to find something that works and wind up making it myself. One such event occurred recently and the end result is my new release (yes I know, you were wondering when I would get to the point, well, here it is).  Out now both in-world (clickable links to the SLURLS just up there, look, on the right) and on Marketplace, the BACH DRESS has arrived.

The Bach Dress is designed for those times you want to feel just a bit elegant, without any fuss. It has just enough flesh on show to make you feel sexy, but this dress is unquestionably classy and elegant. Simple enough to go anywhere and friendly for most footwear.

Please do stop by and say hello to the kitties, if you keep them distracted they may not, after all, destroy my fabrics cupboard!

Onto the dresses!

Prints inspired by rich cultural history, you will find damask, celtic and hints of jacobean in this set.

Prints inspired by flowers and trees, in gently muted tones. Nothing loud or brash here.

We all need a little bit of sparkle sometimes, and this is it. Subtle, classy, understated with just enough pizzazz to make you feel special.
So that's that for now. LOTS of exciting stuff coming up in the frighteningly near future, including the 5th (FIFTH!!!) Femdom Hunt - which of course Evelock is delighted to be a part of again. After all that frantic activity I think I will just go and sit by the pond for a while and relax while I watch the dragonflies gad about.

I hope all your lives are treating you well,

Bright Blessings,

Eve :)

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